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bottle gourd diseases and control

bottle Gourd crop is a very important crop among the pumpkin class crops. The gourd is grown almost the whole year. The gourd vegetable is used on a large scale as a vegetable and as a medicine. A variety of diseases occur in a lauki crop, which adversely affects its yield. Today we will discuss the symptoms of gourd diseases and its control measures.

Major gourd diseases -

● leaf scorching disease -

 Light brown leaves appear on the new gourd leaves. Which later become darker and grow in size. Gradually the gourd leaves begin to appear scorched. And finally the whole plant dies after drying up.

the treatment

1- Select healthy seeds. (Apply seeds by modifying them only)

2- Apply new crop in the field every year (according to the crop cycle)

3. Spraying of Indofil M0 4 g / liter on the crop.

4- Keep moisture in gourd plants. This disease is aggravated when the soil becomes dry.

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Mosaic disease -

The disease is spread by the virus. The leaves stop growing when it comes to the lauki crop, and the leaves get twisted. The fruits of the lauki start becoming smaller, which reduces the yield of the whole crop. The disease on the gourd is spread by the Champa insect.

the treatment -

To prevent this disease, make a decoction by mixing neem leaves and cow urine then spray this mixture on the plants.

Brew recipe

Neem leaves 2 kg

Cow urine - 5 liters

Mix neem leaves in cow urine and heat it on fire until half the water is left. Then filter this mixture and fill it in your pump and spray it on gourd plants twice a week. This spray will eliminate mosaic disease from the root.

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Chunni Mildew -

This disease is one of the most dangerous diseases occurring in the gourd crop, it is caused by a mildew called Aercyphi cicoresiorum. On the leaves and strain of the gourd, white coarse spherical web appears, which later gradually takes the whole plant in its grip. Leaves of the plant begin to dry out after reading yellow. And the gourd plant stops growing.

Prevention -

Prepare the mixture by mixing 2 grams asafoetida in one liter of cow urine. Then spray this mixture on gourd plant twice a week.

Spraying ash of wood also provides relief from this disease.

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Disease of fruit fly: -

This is the most harmful disease of small gourd fruits. In this disease, a fly insect enters the discarded fruits. And leaves her eggs there. Small Sundries come out from these eggs. Which inside itself rotates the fruit. This fly especially causes great damage to the kharif crop.

Prevention -

Boil 5 liters of cow gourd in a copper vessel and about 3 kg of stems with leaves and leaves. When this mixture remains half (2.5 liters), then cool it after removing it from the fire and filter it and sprinkle gourd plants two to three times a month.

Note - Waste decomposer or fresh water can also be used if there is no cow urine. But the best cow is the cow.

Wilt disease

In this disease caused by gourd plants, the plant withers and dries. The leaves of the plant become yellow. The withering area shrinks and dries. In this disease, the inner part of the root of the plant dries up first, due to which the growth of the plant stops. And the fruit stops flowering.

Prevention: -

1- Keep cleanliness around the place where you have planted gourd crop. Do not let water collect. Weed out because dirt spreads the disease very quickly.

2- Do not forget to use raw cow dung manure in plants because the disease spreads very fast by using raw manure.

3- Before planting the gourd seeds in the ground, modify the seeds with vabistine.

Found bug disease -

It is a small sticky white colored insect that lives in groups and sticks to the leaves of the plant and leaves its eggs. They are covered in white color. Milibs keep sucking the sap of the plant by sticking to the leaves of the plant, causing the leaves to shrink and dry. And finally the plant also dies. Millibug outbreaks very quickly on the plant. If it is not diagnosed in time, it soon takes the entire crop in its lap.

Prevention -

1- 200 grams neem leaves

100 - Spicy Green Chillies

50 grams - Garlic

1 liter cow urine / WCD / fresh water

Crush the neem leaves chilli and garlic and make the sauce. Then put this chutney in the urine and boil it on a light fire for about 10 minutes. Then cool the mixture and filter it and fill it in the pump. Spraying this mixture on your plants twice a week in the event of an attack on the mealybug will soon eliminate the mealybug from your plant.


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