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growing vegetables in pots on balcony

Pot-grown vegetables

In pots we can grow vegetables like gourd sponge gourd bitter gourd radish cabbage okra chillies onion etc. For this type of plants the size of pot should be slightly larger which can contain about 10 to 12 kg of soil. Fill the pot with dry fertile soil and mix dung manure and potash in a little soil and mix it well with the pot.

To grow this type of vegetables in the pot, you first make two or four holes in the pot, then fill it with soil and mix the dung manure potash, etc., after that put some water in the open environment. Give.


what are the best vegetables to grow in pots?

Belly vegetables like Loki, sponge gourd, Tinda, bitter gourd, beans, etc. require large pot. Potted vegetables can be grown rapidly in pots at least 12 "or larger.

For small vegetables like brinjal, chilli, tomato, onion, ginger, medium sized pot (6 "- 10" inch) is perfect.

Vegetables like coriander, spinach, fenugreek, sofas which are found in large numbers. For this, low height but more width pots are right. Such as 15 _6, 18_9 12_5. The height of these pots is less than the width.

How the pots are good for the roof

Always use light pots for roofing pots that weigh one or two kilograms. like--

Clay pots, plastic buckets, plastic tubs, utensils that are not used at home. Those who are broken and broken, can plant plants in pots from which water can get out.

What to do if you do not have pot

If we do not have pots then we can grow these vegetables on our terrace, balcony or under some trees where there is light shade. Vegetables such as tomato brinjal, cabbage, beans, ladyfinger, spinach, etc. can be grown from a pedestal.

Vacant land around the house

There is a place somewhere around our house that we can use to grow vegetables. If the soil there is solid, with the help of shovel, you can dig lightly and make small beds like a field. Huh. And you can grow your favorite vegetables in it. If you do not have irrigation system, you can irrigate your home with surplus water like kitchen water etc.

Planting time ---

In rainy season ------- - June to July

Zayed crop ----- March to June

Rabi crop ------- October to November.

Potted fertilizer

They also need nutrition to grow vegetables well. To provide excellent nutrition to the vegetables in your kitchen, it is very important that you add organic fertilizer to your pots every 15 days.

 Do not use chemical fertilizers in pots. From your kitchen like vegetable peels, tea leaves etc. can be used as fertilizer.

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disease Control----

 While growing vegetables on the roof, there is more outbreak of pests and diseases on these plants, to control it, you can use domestic pesticides made from neem leaves at home. Spraying endosulfan pesticide solution in chemical pesticide once a week.

Things to keep in mind

• Make the soil well fertile by applying fertilizer in the pot before planting it.

• Always use good quality seeds.

• Apply the same vegetables in the pot which is less space

Are surrounded. Try to grow vegetables that grow quickly.

. Green leafy vegetables grow very fast. They can be grown easily in pots.

• Instead of the vegetables that are finished once, replace those vegetables which you can use again and again.

Eg --- coriander fenugreek mint etc.


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